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Now in its 14th year, SimErgy ERM Boot Camp is a practical hands-on training program providing tangible skills that can be applied immediately to successfully implement or advance ERM programs. This program uses a stimulating and dynamic combination of lectures, individual and group exercises, and case studies.


“SimErgy’s ERM Boot Camp is a must-attend event for any risk management professional responsible for or involved in their organization’s ERM process. This was the most thorough and practical ERM seminar I ever attended. It covered everything from governance to risk interview guidance. The seminar struck the perfect balance of lecture with real-world examples and practical group exercises to demonstrate the design and benefits of SimErgy’s value-based ERM model. I walked away with not only a greater understanding of enterprise risk assessment techniques but also a number of templates and guides that we were able to immediately put to use. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants or needs to advance their company’s ERM function.
— Chris Mottet, Chief Audit Executive, Valvoline Inc.

“SimErgy’s ERM Boot Camp was invaluable. We needed to re-engineer our entire ERM program to include establishing a new governance and reporting structure and delivering an enterprise-wide assessment while at the same time training a new team and communicating our vision for what ERM could achieve to agency leadership. Luckily, each of our team members attended the ERM Boot Camp where we were able to develop strong foundational knowledge about applying ERM using a value-based framework. Not only that, but during the Boot Camp we were given the opportunity to walk through conducting risk assessments. By taking the training together our team was able to get on the same page quickly and work together. The training gave us a common set of tools and techniques that we could all refer to and that was equally useful to experienced professionals like myself and others who are new to the field.”
— Andy Tiedeman, Sr. Enterprise Risk Analyst, Bureau of the Fiscal Service. U.S. Dept. of the Treasury
2020 Association for Federal Enterprise Risk Management (AFERM) ERM Professional of the Year

“This boot camp did an excellent job of laying out a comprehensive framework for implementing an ERM program in any business. I haven’t seen anything else like this and believe this would benefit any company regardless of what stage they are in in adopting ERM in their business. The boot camp took us thru all the stages of a complete ERM program with lots of hands-on exercises that drove home the key concepts.”
— Cam Smith, Manager — Reinsurance and Product Risk, Prudential Financial

“The ERM boot camp is helpful to attendees of all levels in the ERM process. As a newcomer to the ERM field, the insight from Segal’s instruction helped provide clarity (and helped remove the mystery) regarding the ERM process and inspired me to return to the office with a foundation of materials and knowledge to begin the implementing process for my organization. Other attendees who were at varying maturity phases in the ERM process seemed to equally enjoy and learn from the 2-day class.”
 — Michelle Kennedy, Director of ERM & Compliance, Retirement System Investment Commission

Top 10 Skills Gained by Attendees

  1. Implement an advanced yet practical ERM framework
  2. Quantify strategic and operational risks
  3. Clearly define risk appetite on a quantitative basis
  4. Integrate ERM into decision making, such as strategic planning, strategic and tactical decisions, and transactions
  5. Avoid the 5 common mistakes of risk identification
  6. Evaluate your ERM program against 10 key ERM criteria
  7. Conduct effective qualitative risk assessment surveys
  8. Develop a risk categorization and definition (RCD) tool
  9. Develop risk scenarios using the Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) technique
  10. Learn techniques to build buy-in with key stakeholders and satisfy ORSA requirements

Instructor Bio

SimSegal Lo-Res Color.jpgSIM SEGAL, FSA, CERA is a globally-recognized ERM thought leader renowned for his engaging presentation style. Segal is president of SimErgy, which provides a full range of ERM consulting services; founder and director of the M.S. in ERM program at Columbia University; author of Corporate Value of Enterprise Risk Management, well received by the business community and required reading on syllabi of the SOA and leading universities; and host of Risk Radio. Segal has given 200+ presentations on ERM and risk topics. He has been quoted as an ERM expert by media such as the Wall Street Journal, Treasury & Risk, and CFO Magazine. Segal has authored articles in leading publications such as Forbes, American Banker, and Corporate Finance Review. He has also published multiple ERM research studies. Segal is former VP on the board of directors of the SOA, also serving as inaugural chair of its Risk Committee, leading the design/implementation of their ERM program. He is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (FSA) and a Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst (CERA).

Who Should Attend

The ERM Boot Camp is for individuals involved with identifying, measuring, managing, or disclosing risks, or those with oversight over those functions. This includes:

  • Heads of ERM programs such as CROs and their staff
  • ERM team members that conduct qualitative risk assessments
  • ERM team members that build models to assess/quantify risks
  • Heads of internal audit and their staff
  • Those involved with risk governance or internal/external risk reporting
  • Rating agency personnel or regulators reviewing ERM programs

(Consultants and other vendors are not eligible to attend.)

  • SimErgy ERM Boot Camp™
    June 25-26, 2024