SimErgy Overview

Here's what we can do for you.
SimErgy can help your organization with a comprehensive range of ERM consulting services.

We have helped organizations at all levels of ERM maturity – from those just starting their ERM programs to those with ERM programs that have been developed over years – and in all stages of ERM activities.


The SimErgy Advantage

At SimErgy, we offer five unique advantages as your ERM consultants:

  1. Practical Approach
    We use an advanced yet practical approach that strikes an appropriate balance between robustness and simplicity.
  2. Ability to Quantify Strategic and Operational Risks
    We provide you with the ability to quantify all types of risk – strategic, operational, financial, and insurance.
  3. Clear Definition of Risk Appetite
    We help you clearly define your organization’s risk appetite, in a quantitative way that can be used in the risk governance process.
  4. Use of ERM in Decision Making
    We help you integrate ERM information into business decision making, including strategic planning, strategic and tactical decisions, and transactions.
  5. Buy-In
    Our approach helps you build buy-in for the ERM program with key internal stakeholders – business segment leaders, executive management, board members, etc. – and external stakeholders, such as stock analysts, rating agencies and regulators.